Wolf Willow

Place Name: Wolf Willow 

Feature Type (Year Approved): Close (1985), Crescent (1986), Point (1986), Ravine (1972), Road (1986)

Name Origins: Botanical

Definition: Wolf Willow Plant, Latin Elaeagnus commutata – The flowers are very fragrant; and the beautiful striped seeds are popular in the Prairies for making necklaces.

Cultural Affiliation: N/A

Gender: N/A

Naming Edmonton: From Ada to Zoie

Wolf Willow Ravine: The ravine is named for Wolf Willow Farm, which was located in the area from the mid-1930s to the early 1970s. The farm, covering 194 ha., was owned by Curtis and Edith Munson. Curtis Munson (d. 1980) was born in the United States, attended Yale University and served in the US Army during WWI before immigrating to Edmonton. In Edmonton, he formed Sterling Collieries and the Coal Valley Mining Company, which sold coal to the Canadian National Railway. Munson was also a part-owner of the Edmonton Bulletin newspaper. The farm likely took its name from the wolf willow, a locally abundant shrub. The flowers of the silvery-leafed bush are yellow and have a fragrant scent. The name Wolf Willow Ravine replaces the original name of Westridge Ravine. The ravine has also been called the Edith Ravine, after Edith Munson.

Wolf Willow Road: This road originally extended into Oleskiw but developers later changed their plans. The portion of Wolf Willow Road in Oleskiw was renamed Wolf Ridge Way.

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