Place Name: Baturyn (neighbourhood), Baturyn Park (park), Baturyn Road (road)

Feature Type (Year Approved): Neighbourhood (1973), Park (1982), Road (1974)

Name Origins: Commemorative, Royal (British or Other),


Batúryn (Ukrainian: Бату́рин, Ukrainian pronunciation: [bɑˈturɪn]), is a historic town in Chernihiv Oblast (province) of northern Ukraine. It is located in Bakhmach Raion (district) on the banks of the Seym River.

From: Wikipedia

Cultural Affiliation: Ukrainian

Gender: N/A

Naming Edmonton: From Ada to Zoie

Baturyn is named for a famous castle in northeast Ukraine. The town of Baturyn was destroyed by Russian troops in 1708 and rebuilt in 1750. Subdivisions and neighbourhoods in the Castle Downs area are named after castles.

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