Beatrice Carmichael Park

Place Name: Beatrice Carmichael Park

Feature Type (Year Approved): Park (1986)

Name Origins: Commemorative


Scottish: locative name from Carmichael (Lanarks).

From: Oxford Dictionary of Family Names in Britain and Ireland

Cultural Affiliation: Scottish

Gender: Female

Naming Edmonton: From Ada to Zoie

Beatrice Carmichael (d. 1964) was Edmonton's Grand Dame of the opera. Born in Indiana, she came to Edmonton in 1919. Around 1923 Carmichael started the University Philharmonic Society and, with the assistance of university staff and students, produced and conducted operas throughout the mid-1920s. In 1935 she founded the Edmonton Civic Opera Company, and directed more than 50 shows in the years that followed. In addition to her light opera and grand opera productions, Carmichael taught voice, violin and piano. She was awarded a citation from the City of Edmonton in 1961. The Beatrice Carmichael Park is in the Downtown neighbourhood and has an area of 0.07 ha.

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