Place Name: Blyth Crescent

Feature Type (Year Approved): Road (1992)

Name Origins: Commemorative


Scottish:locative name from Blythe in Lauderdale, Berwicks, and possibly also from Blyth in Peebless.

English: locative name from Blyth (Northumb, Notts) or Blythe (Warwicks).

English: nickname from Middle English blithe ‘joyful, happy’ (Old English blīðe ‘gentle, merry’) or from an unrecorded personal name, Old English *Blīða, derived from this. The adjective is found as both bliht and bligh in the 19th century (Oxford English Dictionary).

From: Oxford Dictionary of Family Names in Britain and Ireland

Named from the River Blyth, (Old English blîthe ‘the gentle or pleasant one’)

Cultural Affiliation: English

Gender: Male

Naming Edmonton: From Ada to Zoie

The award-winning photographer Alfred Blyth (1901-1980) was born in Scotland and came to Edmonton in 1913. He later worked for McDermid Studios and in 1928 opened his own firm. Blyth captured scenes of Edmonton life from as early as 1916, taking photographs for the Edmonton Journal and the Edmonton Bulletin, and serving as the official photographer for visits by the royal family in 1939, 1951 and 1959. He retired in 1970. In 1976 he won an Alberta Achievement Award. His remarkable collection of 25,000 photographs is stored at the Provincial Archives of Alberta.

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