Place Name: Beverly

Feature Type (Year Approved): Subdivision (1914), Bridge (1972), Neighbourhood (1912)

Name Origins: Commemorative


A variation of Beverley, possibly from a Celtic name meaning ‘beaver lodge’.

From: A Dictionary of British Place Names

Cultural Affiliation: English

Gender: N/A

Naming Edmonton: From Ada to Zoie


This subdivision incorporates part of the former Town of Beverly. In 1904 the Canadian Pacific Railway named a station in the vicinity after the Beverly township in Wentworth County, Ontario. Most early residents were employed in the coal industry. Beverly was formed as a village in 1913, incorporated as a town in 1914 and annexed to Edmonton in 1961.

Beverly Bridge

Named for its proximity to what was once the Town of Beverly, this bridge was opened in 1972, and handles eastbound traffic on the Yellowhead Trail. Adjacent to it are two other bridges: the railway bridge, which was built in 1907 by the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway, and the Clover Bar Bridge, which handles westbound traffic. See Beverly.

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