Place Name: Bisset

Feature Type (Year Approved): Neighbourhood (1976)

Name Origins: Commemorative


Norman, Scottish: nickname from Old French biset ‘dark’, a diminutive of bis .

From: Oxford Dictionary of Family Names in Britain and Ireland

Cultural Affiliation: Norman, Scottish

Gender: Male

Naming Edmonton: From Ada to Zoie

Judge Athelstan Bisset (1883-1973) was a WWI veteran and an alderman from 1934 to 1952. Bisset was born in Ontario and came to Edmonton in 1893. He served overseas in WWI and upon his return ran a law practice in Strathcona from 1919 to 1952. He served as an alderman for 15 years and in 1952 was appointed a judge in family court. In the late 1910s, the northern portion of the Bisset neighbourhood was known as Elysian fields. Ancient Greeks believed that their final destination, upon death, was the Elysian fields. More generally, it can refer to a place of perfect happiness.

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