Blackmud Creek

Place Name:  Blackmud Creek, Blackmud Creek Neighbourhood, Blackmud Creek Bridge, Blackmud Creek Crescent, Blackmud Creek Drive, Blackmud Creek Ravine.

Feature Type (Year Approved): Creek (common usage), Neighbourhood (1999), Bridge (1996), Crescent (1999), Drive (2000), Ravine (common usage).

Name Origins: Descriptive Land Feature from Cree


From Cree “kas-ki-te-oo asiski” meaning Blackmud.

From the Geographic Board of Canada, Place Names of Alberta publication accessed online via the University of Alberta’s Peel’s Prairie Provinces collection at

J. B. Tyrrell is referenced with the translation from the Report of the Geological Survey for 1886 (pp 7 of Place Names of Alberta).

The full reference is:

Geological and Natural History of Canada. Alfred R. C. Selwyn (Director), Annual Report V.II, 1886. Report E: On a Part of Northern Alberta, and Portions of Adjacent Districts of Assiniboia and Saskatchewan, by J.B. Tyrrell.

From Report E, Appendix IV, pp 172E.

From Report E, Appendix IV, pp 172E.

From Report E, Appendix IV, pp 175E.

From Report E, Appendix IV, pp 175E.

Cultural Affiliation: Cree

Gender: N/A

Naming Edmonton: From Ada to Zoie

Blackmud Creek

The creek flows, within the city limits, into Whitemud Creek near 130 Street and 23 Avenue. Whitemud Creek, in turn, flows into the North Saskatchewan River. The name, noted as early as 1882, is a translation of the creek's original Cree name, kaskitewâw asiskiy.


This neighbourhood is named after Blackmud Creek, which borders it along the south and east. It was first named Blackmud Creek neighbourhood in 1994, but later, in 1998, renamed Heritage Valley neighbourhood. After a request by developers, however, the name was changed back to Blackmud Creek.


The $5.5 million cost of building the Blackmud Creek Bridge was paid for by both the City and the province. Its construction was spurred by the death of John Shaw, a postal worker, whose postal van was hit by a gravel truck at an unsafe crossing of the creek on 13 August 1992. The bridge was opened in August 1994.

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