Place Name: Callingwood North, Park, Road, South

Feature Type (Year Approved): Neighbourhood (1979), Park (1989), Road (1971), Neighbourhood (1979)

Name Origins: Unknown


English: locative name probably from Coanwood, in Haltwhistle (Northumb), recorded as Collanwode in 1279, Collanwode in 1373 in Place-Names of Northumb and Durham, p. 48, where it is suggested that the wood may have been named after a pre- Conquest provost of Hexhamshire named Collanus.

English: locative name from Callingwood (Staffs), but the Staffs surname may only survive in the altered form Collingswood.

English: sometimes a variant of Cullingworth.

From: Oxford Dictionary of Family Names in Britain and Ireland

Cultural Affiliation: English

Gender: N/A

Naming Edmonton: From Ada to Zoie 

Annexed to Edmonton in 1969, the Names Advisory Committee named the neighbourhood Callingwood. In 1979 the neighbourhood of Callingwood was divided into two sections and renamed Callingwood North and Callingwood South. The origin of the Callingwood name is not recorded.

Park: This 6.4-ha. park, in the Callingwood North neighbourhood, was originally named West Jasper Place Park. See Callingwood North.

Road: This curvilinear avenue forms the southern boundary of Callingwood South at approximately 62 Avenue, west of 170 Street.

Other Locations: 

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