Place Name: Carlton

Feature Type (Year Approved): neighbourhood (1998)

Name Origins: Commemorative


English: locative name from any of many places called Carlton (Beds, Cambs, Durham, Lincs, Leics, Notts, Northants, Suffolk, ER Yorks, WR Yorks, and NR Yorks) or Carleton (Cumb, Lancs, Norfolk, WR Yorks).
From: Oxford Dictionary of Family Names in Britain and Ireland

Cultural Affiliation: English

Gender: N/A

Naming Edmonton: From Ada to Zoie 

This neighbourhood is named after Fort Carlton. Throughout The Palisades area, neighbourhoods are named after fur trade forts, posts or houses. Fort Carlton, located near the junction of the North and South Saskatchewan Rivers, was established as a Hudson Bay Company fur trade and provision post in 1798. Its strategic location made it a focal point for western trade and commerce. In the 1870s, the Métis, displaced from their lands around Winnipeg and Red River, Manitoba, followed the buffalo west and settled near the fort. A North West Mounted Police detachment was later dispatched to the fort to keep it secure. In 1885 the detachment was ordered to leave Fort Carlton and help quell the North-West Rebellion (the Metis and Aboriginal uprising). The fort was later destroyed in a series of fires: the first fire was started by accident; two others were set by the rebels.

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