Place Name: Carse Lane

Feature Type (Year Approved): Road (1993)

Name Origins: Commemorative


Scottish, English: locative name, local name from carse (a fertile stretch of land beside a river), as in Carse of Falkirk, Carse of Forth, Carse of Gowrie, etc. There are also places called Carse in Kirkcudbrights and Argyll.
From: Oxford Dictionary of Family Names in Britain and Ireland

Cultural Affiliation: English, Scottish

Gender: Female

Naming Edmonton: From Ada to Zoie 

Ruth Carse (1916-1999) was the founder and artistic director of the Alberta Ballet Company. The Edmonton-born dancer performed in Canada and abroad and began teaching dance in 1954. She formed Dance Interlude, a small amateur troupe that performed throughout Alberta, which later became the Alberta Ballet Company. Carse was the company's artistic director until her retirement in 1975. She also founded the Alberta Ballet School in 1971 and was principal of the school until 1983. Carse received the Queen's Silver Jubilee Medal (1977), the Canada Dance Award (1990), an honorary degree from the University of Alberta (1991) and was appointed a member of the Order of Canada (1992).

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