Castle Downs

Place Name: Castle Downs, Road, Castle Keep

Feature Type (Year Approved): Area (1971), Road (1973), Road (1977)

Name Origins: Descriptive


The name ‘Castle’ is common in Britain as part of a compound name - for instance (from A Dictionary of British Place Names) Castle Douglas is the name of a place denoting Douglas’s Castle. Castle Bay, is the Castle by the bay, etc.

Also from A Dictionary of British Place Names, ‘Down’ is an Old English word meaning ‘place at the hill’. Although I am not sure that there is a hill or a castle in the Edmonton area of Castle Downs.

Cultural Affiliation: English

Gender: N/A

Naming Edmonton: From Ada to Zoie 

Castle Downs was the developer's second choice of name for this area. The original choice, Athabasca Downs, was rejected by the City. Subdivisions and neighbourhoods, as well as many parks and roads in the Castle Downs area are named for famous castles. The original northern limit of Castle Downs was 174 Avenue. In 1977 the Castle Downs Extension area was created, extending the northern boundary to the proposed outer ring road. In 1982, the Extension area became part of Castle Downs.

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