Place Name: Chambery

Feature Type (Year Approved): Neighbourhood (1983)

Name Origins: Commemorative


The town known as Lemencum first changed its name in the Middle Ages during the period that the Duc de Savoie erected his castle. It was called Camefriacum in 1016, Camberiaco in 1029, Cambariacum in 1036, and Cambariaco in 1044. In the next century, Cambariaco changed to Chamberium (1233), finally becoming Chamberi in 1603. The actual name supposedly comes from the Gaulois term camboritos (a ford situated in a curve). The Latin name cambarius, meaning beer brewer, may also explain the name. Another hypothesis is that the Gallo-Roman name Camberiacum suggests the idea of currency changing (cambium) or trade (camerinum : market), or perhaps, a room (camera) where the toll taxes are collected.
From the Wikipedia entry for Chambery.

Castle Chambery in 1645, from Wikipedia article for Chambery.

Castle Chambery in 1645, from Wikipedia article for Chambery.

Cultural Affiliation: French

Gender: N/A

Naming Edmonton: From Ada to Zoie 

As with other neighbourhoods in the Castle Downs area, the name Chambery is taken from a famous castle. The original Chambery castle was founded in 1232 and served as the capital of the mountain Duchy of Savoy until the sixteenth century. In 1860 Savoy became part of France. The ancient ducal castle, restored many times, still stands today.

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