Place Name: Clareview, Business Park, Campus, Road

Feature Type (Year Approved): Subdivision (1969), Neighbourhood (common usage), Neighbourhood (common usage), Road (1976)

Name Origins: Commemorative


Irish: from Clare in Suffolk (not the Irish county).

English: relationship name from the Middle English, Old French female personal name Cla(i)re (Latin Clara, from clarus ‘bright, famous’), noted as the name of Saint Clare of Assisi.

English: occupational name from an agent derivative of Middle English cley ‘clay’.

From: Oxford Dictionary of Family Names in Britain and Ireland

Cultural Affiliation: Irish, English

Gender: Male

Naming Edmonton: From Ada to Zoie 

Francis C. Clare (d. 1941), an important spokesperson for agriculture, farmed in this vicinity from 1906 to 1959. In 1914 he sued the City and obtained a court judgement restraining the City of Edmonton from increasing its deposits of sewage in the North Saskatchewan River. The City was at that time dumping unfiltered waste water into the river, making it impossible for Clare to water his dairy cows. The judgement also ordered the City to construct a sewage treatment plant. Clare was a member of the United Grain Growers Board, Edmonton Exhibition Board, United Farmers of Alberta and the local school board. Many of the neighbourhoods in this subdivision are named after Edmonton pioneers, including Bannerman, Fraser, Kernohan and Kirkness.

Clareview Business Park

This neighbourhood is a component of a development plan formulated in 1979, but never implemented. Known as Clareview Town Centre, it had two parts. This portion would provide space for business ventures, while the adjacent Clareview Campus neighbourhood would be devoted to school and recreational facilities. The Clareview Town Centre name has largely been replaced in popular usage by Clareview Business Park and Clareview Campus, despite the lack of development.

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