Clover Bar

Place Name: Clover Bar, Bridge, Cemetery, Industrial

Feature Type (Year Approved): Area (common usage), Cemetery (1995), Neighbourhood (1982).

Name Origins: Commemorative, Descriptive Land Feature


English: perhaps a variant of Cleaver, from a derivative of Old English clēofan ‘to split’, with change of stress within the diphthong to cleōfan, cloven, whence Clover.

From: Oxford Dictionary of Family Names in Britain and Ireland

Barr, Celtic for ‘hill top’.

From: A Dictionary of British Place Names

Cultural Affiliation: English, Scottish

Gender: Male

Naming Edmonton: From Ada to Zoie 

Clover Bar

Thomas H. Clover (b. 1829) was a California "forty-niner," a veteran of the California gold rush of 1849, who mined gold from sandbars along the North Saskatchewan River. He was born in Missouri and is believed to have arrived in the area around 1859. It would be many years, however, before Clover Bar was settled by European homesteaders. Beginning in 1881, the rich farming land and the discovery of coal drew settlers to the area. The Clover Bar name was in use before 1900, evidenced by the establishment of the Clover Bar Post Office in 1884 and the Clover Bar School District in 1891.

Clover Bar Bridge

Work on the Clover Bar Bridge started in 1951 but was halted a year later because of a shortage of steel. Construction resumed months later and the superstructure was completed in March 1953. This bridge was informally known as the Beverly Bridge, a name later officially given to its twin. The Clover Bar Bridge carries westbound traffic on the Yellowhead Trail.

Clover Bar Cemetery

Clover Bar Cemetery was established in 1901 behind the Clover Bar Church, which had been built in 1899. Homesteader W.F. Wilkinson donated his land for the cemetery, and he and nine other local residents formed a cemetery company. Originally surrounded by countryside, the cemetery has an area of 1.21 ha. The City took over management of the facility in 1995.

Clover Bar Industrial
Prior to annexation, this name was established through common usage.

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